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Take the 30 Day Challenge

To Support Local People Living With Dementia

Can you take the 30 day challenge this June?

To support local people living with dementia?

The 30 Day Challenge is open to anybody wanting to support Dementia Together Wirral and it’s so easy to take part.

Just challenge yourself to doing something that involves the number 30 and undertake the activity during the month of June.

Whatever you decide to do, Dementia Together Wirral is asking you to try and raise £30 in sponsorship.

For every 30 people taking part this will raise £900 which will cover the cost of a full day coach trip with lunch, or could provide 20 new activity boxes, or be used toward the cost of a theatre trip ,or provide resources to be used at one of the memory activity cafes.

All money raised will be used for the benefit of local people living with dementia and their carers. 

Join us this June...

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Please pay in your sponsorship money by 21st July. We will send you a Certificate of Appreciation