About Page

Dementia Together Wirral is a registered charity which was formed in 2017 when a supportive social calendar of cafes and activity groups for those living with dementia was threatened by the closure of the Wirral office of a national charity. Rather than allow that to happen, we as volunteers, stepped in to run and grow these activities and cafes, maintaining the community aspect for those who enjoy them.

About Team

We have a small, dedicated team who complete all the necessary administration and decision making, to keep us on track.
Our trustees ensure all the necessary processes are in place and followed, and make the decisions to make us as effective as possible for the cause.
Mainly we rely on our hard-working volunteers, to run activities, raise funds, make suggestions and make it all possible.

Allan Grogan
- Chairperson
Test Name
- Leader

Volunteering Section

The charity is run by a group of dedicated, compassionate and caring volunteers, most of whom have personal experience or involvement of caring for a relative living with dementia. If this sounds like you, we are always looking for new volunteers to join us and help grow our activities.